As the summer recess arrives and MPs depart for their constituencies, attention in Westminster will now move away from reshuffled ministers and legislative agendas, focusing once again on the 2015 election. For the party leaders and their teams, their key task over the summer will be to lock down the key themes and policy frameworks which will form their election manifestos and the basis for the 2015 election campaigns.

This is a vital task which poses different challenges to each party. The Conservatives will continue to emphasise a narrative around instituting a long-term plan, with competent leadership and a recovering economy, while Labour will seek to counter this with their one nation narrative around the cost of living and creating fairer markets for consumers. In the midst of this the Liberal Democrats will aim to defend their period in government, whilst simultaneously setting out their distinct vision for building a stronger economy and fairer society.

Below you’ll an overview of our illuminating new feature which compliments the Hub, providing an comprehensive issues tracker. This measures the importance that the electorate places on various issues facing both the country and them personally against the performance of the main parties on each.

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