The protest vote in 2015

Much has been made recently of the public’s ongoing disenchantment with the political establishment in Westminster. The rise of fringe parties such as UKIP and the Greens, allied to the poor polling of the main three parties, has led many to predict that there will be a significant protest vote against the established parties in …

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Leadership troubles

Once again, the media is telling us that Ed Miliband’s leadership is in crisis. Labour’s woes in Scotland, allied to continuing poor personal polls has led to another backlash from disenchanted backbenchers and media critics. There are rumours of letters being written and leadership rivals colluding. But is a Labour coup really a serious prospect …

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We are all minorities now

No winners Opinion polls are differing on some things, but they are currently agreed about one thing – no party is heading for an outright win in next May’s General Election. A century of electoral studies tells us that, under the UK’s first past the post voting system, an overall majority win for one party …

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