So just 100 days left then. Even for the political anoraks amongst us – it feels like campaigning has been ongoing for the past 12 months.

For all the cut and thrust so far – it feels as if we are in a holding pattern.

Neither major contender for Downing Street can break out of a polling trend which is unlikely to give either David Cameron or Ed Miliband sole tenure on those Downing Street keys.

In the past few weeks we have hosted a number of events featuring the inner thinkers from all the major parties – those at the centre of the political heartbeat.

It is clear manifesto thinking is going down to the wire. All the parties – all of them bar none – are still in the market for ideas.

Don’t believe the hype that the manifestos are finalised – I’m hearing that’s certainly not the case.

In a normal political cycle – deep policy thinking has been bottomed out at this stage.

But it seems all the parties are casting around for the “blockbuster’ idea that may move us out of the holding pattern.

So – for anyone with that big idea – don’t hold back – there really seems to be still time to bend the ear of the manifesto teams.

Without the big idea that might change the game – it seems the TV debates once again looks likely to have the decisive effect in the campaign.

And those debates are frought with risk – for all of the parties – large and small.

For what I think is going to decide this election is not – in the end – going to be the political offer itself.

If voters have not made the minds up about Ed or Dave by now – they never will.

No, someone is likely to make a mistake. A blunder or wrong headed commitment that the other parties exploit.

The deftly drafted strategies or political campaigning grid will fall apart for someone.

That’s the only thing that’s going to change anything.

And its most likely to happen in those debates.

And now it seems they will happen – won’t they?

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