So we finally have that long awaited Ashcoft polling for Scotland.

The SNP surge continues unabated.

Coming just a day after the Conservatives unveil their plans for EVEL – its well named as it might just be that – English votes for English laws and after the Vow Plus from Labour.

This will send Westminster politicians into a further tailspin.

Will we see the three party leaders rush to Scotland.

I somehow doubt it – it may compound their problem.

On the Ashcroft numbers – some key UK wide politicians like those ‘Alexanders’ – Danny and Douglas – are in real trouble.

And Alex Salmond looks set to return to take his place in Westminster – leading SNP negotiations no doubt following the election.

If these numbers are right – and they would need to be very wrong now – the SNP is on course to over turn its Refendum defeat just five short months ago.

Everyone in the UK will await the SNP manifesto with interest – its likely to shape the next Government of the UK.

The Borgenisation of British politics is now clear for everyone to see.

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