Cicero Elections was delighted to welcome Steven Woolfe MEP, Migration and Financial Affairs Spokesman for UKIP, to a roundtable event. 
Chaired by Cicero Group Account Director Cameron Penny, the event discussed Mr Woolfe’s thoughts on a number of critical issues for UK and international businesses. Among the topics debated were UKIP’s approach to European legislative engagement, his view on the legal options underpinning a possible EU exit, and the impact that the party will have in the 2015 UK General Election. 
After the event, Steven commented: “Thank you to Cicero for inviting me to speak today and of course thank you to those who came to hear me speak. I really want to get the message across to The City and the millions who work in the financial services industry that UKIP is fighting this general election with a pro business agenda. I know how important the financial services sector is to our economy and UKIP are determined to protect it from endless regulation from the European Union.”
Dan Regan, Head of Cicero Elections said: “Currently favourite in five constituencies and third in national polls, UKIP have come a long way since 2010. Partly as a result of UKIP’s popularity, the UK’s political landscape is now more complex than ever with current analysis showing no clear winner emerging from this General Election. This situation creates an opportunity for smaller parties to influence the UK’s political outlook, and this event was an excellent opportunity to learn more about UKIP’s position on the key issues facing the country today.”
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