PMQ’s – Brutal exchanges in the chamber

Today’s Parliamentary Questions was a lesson in how brutal these weekly sessions can be. Ed Miliband’s tactic was to ask why hedge funds were not paying stamp duty on stock market transactions until he received an answer. Labour knows Cameron won’t directly engage on shadow banking tax policy, thus leaving him exposed to accusations of …

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SNP on course to rock Westminster

  So we finally have that long awaited Ashcoft polling for Scotland. The SNP surge continues unabated. Coming just a day after the Conservatives unveil their plans for EVEL – its well named as it might just be that – English votes for English laws and after the Vow Plus from Labour. This will send Westminster politicians …

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A Day in the Life of: A Lib Dem Candidate

  One of the most common issues which people raise with me is the lack of faith in today’s politicians. My neighbours in Romsey and Southampton North want someone who seems to be on their side, who gets their concerns and tries to do something about them, and who doesn’t blether on without actually saying …

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