So we now know the main parties manifestos will appear next week – and about time too.

In a normal election – and this isn’t a normal election – we would expect to see the manifestos published a month out from polling.

But in the ‘Borgenisation of Britain’ most of the parties are leaving publishing their offer to voters to the last minute.

I still have a sense of all of them casting around for the big idea that might be the game changer.

Certainly if all I hear from Tory and Labour campaigns is true – the final documents have not been locked down.

True we have been in a perma election cycle for the past 2 years now and the parties have unveiled many of their most eye catching ideas in opposition or in government.

From energy market reform to pensions liberalisation – the nature of the digital political cycle means the idea of a rolling manifesto of ideas seems here to stay.

On the economy – we know the broad shape of the Labour and Tory and Lib Dem approach already.

So many of the big ideas have already seeped into voters consciousness – at least those who are listening at least.

And that’s the problem for this campaign. My sense is that – other than in Scotland – voters are turning off this election in droves. For  the moment.

So the publication of manifestos next week will be almost the final chance to move the dial on the polls and to capture attention.

But its starting to feel too little too late.