Cicero Elections was delighted to host a roundtable event with David Torrance, renowned journalist and political biographer.

The event came as David launches his latest book, Nicola Sturgeon, A Political Life, detailing the rise and rise of Scotland’s first female First Minister.

Along an introduction to the new book and a detailed look at Ms Sturgeon’s background, the event provided an opportunity to debate the state of Scottish politics following the landmark referendum.

Mr Torrance discussed his thoughts around the stewardship of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon – both of whom he has written biographies of. He believes Sturgeon may even be a better politician, given her more cautious and less confrontational public nature. He also rated the timing of Salmond’s decision to quit as leader as “perfect”, ensuring that the Better Together campaign was robbed of headlines in the aftermath of the referendum while taking the attention away from his political future and uniting the party behind Ms Sturgeon.

In the video above, David provides a summary of some of the key topics discussed at the event. He also gives his thoughts on the chances of the SNP cooperating with the Conservatives after the UK General Election, comments on who is actually driving SNP policy, and assesses the performance of Jim Murphy since he became Scottish Labour leader.

Nicola Sturgeon, A Political Life, can be ordered online here.