With only one day left until polling stations open, Survation’s final telephone polling on behalf of IG conducted shows Remain with a very narrow lead over Leave.  If undecided voters are removed, the new poll suggests 51 per cent of people are planning to vote for Britain to stay within the EU and 49 for a Brexit. This latest poll matches the shift seen in other polls since Thursday; namely that Remain have reclaimed a marginal lead. However, it shows that the gap between Remain and Leave has narrowed again, meaning there is still uncertainty of which way the vote will swing.

FT Poll of polls: Remain 44%; Leave 45%; Don’t Know 11%

EUref poll 220616

Betting Markets

Remain: 1/4 (76% chance of winning)

Leave:  3/1 (24% chance of winning)

Top Stories

Remain and Leave campaigns take part in BBC Great debate at Wembley

Last night David Dimbleby chaired a debate between prominent Remain and Leave campaigners in front of a 6,000-strong crowd at Wembley Arena. The debate, which lasted over two hours, featured Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart from Vote Leave and Ruth Davidson, Frances O’Grady and Sadiq Khan from Britain Stronger in Europe. The future of the economy and immigration policy dominated the debate,. Davidson repeatedly accused Johnson of lying about the influence the EU has on UK law-making. Johnson stated that the UK would celebrate its “Independence Day” if there is a vote for Brexit.

FTSE chiefs join small business leaders sign letter in support of Remain vote

1,285 business leaders, including 51 bosses of the FTSE 100 and more than 900 small and medium sized businesses have written a letter to the Times which states the businesses and employees benefit “massively” from being inside the single market. It warn of the risks from uncertainty, “less trade with Europe and fewer jobs” if Britain votes to leave the EU tomorrow. The letter highlights the harm which a Brexit would cause to small and medium firms in the UK if it had to “re-establish terms of trade from scratch with our home market of 500 million consumers”. The letter calls for a Remain vote, stating that it would mean “more certainty, more trade and more jobs”.

Prime Minister makes ‘significant’ statement

The Prime Minister made a statement outside Number 10, saying he wanted to speak “directly and personally” to the British people as the campaign draws to a close. He stressed that the decision is “irreversible”, and asked those of his own generation and older to think about the “hopes and dreams” of their children, adding that “the next generation will have to live with the consequences far longer than the rest of us”. He argued that staying in Europe is “above all about the economy”, also adding that it is about national security too. Whether the Prime Minister’s speech outside Number 10 broke Purdah rules has been questioned, although Number 10 sources say that the guidance from officials was that this statement was within the rules, and Vote Leave sources say that they will not complain because nothing new was said in the statement.

Jeremy Corbyn gives speech in Manchester

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn MP made a speech in which he gave an argument in favour of migration, saying free movement of people is “important”. He said that the fundamental question for his party’s supporters is about “jobs, workers’ rights and our future prosperity”, arguing that these would be better protected by a vote to Remain. Corbyn also made domestic political points, saying that a vote to Leave would “embolden Nigel Farage” and the politics of “division”. At the prospect of an election before 2020, Corbyn said that the Labour Party is “very, very ready for that”.

Current and former Scottish First Ministers back Remain vote

Nicola Sturgeon, the current First Minister and Scotland, and four of her predecessors have released a statement backing a Remain vote, stating that the EU is “vital for jobs and investment in Scotland”. Sturgeon, along with Alex Salmond, Jack McConnell, Henry McLeish and Jim Wallace emphasised that the “stakes could hardly be higher”, as Scottish jobs benefit from EU investment in Scotland, whilst workers benefit from key protections which the EU guarantees. The letter calls on Scotland “to unite as a nation, turn out on Thursday and vote Remain.”

Gove says Cameron cannot meet pledge on migration without Brexit

Speaking at a Vote Leave rally, Michael Gove argued that David Cameron will be unable to fulfil his manifesto promise to cut net migration to the tens of thousands if Britain votes to remain in the EU. He said that he had hoped that the Government would secure limits to free movement within the EU as part of the Prime Minister’s renegotiation process, but that this had not happened, warning that voters would lose trust in the political system if the Government did not deliver its vow to reduce migration substantially. Asked whether he would remain a member of the Government in the event of a Remain vote, Gove said he would “reflect and decide what is the right choice for me”.

Details of donations published

The Electoral Commission has published details of donations to registered campaigners as part of its third pre-poll report (13 May – 9 June). Remain campaign groups received a total of £2.8 million in donations, compared to Leave Groups which managed to attract £3.6 million. Britain Stronger in Europe (£1.8 million) and Vote Leave (£2.7 million) attracted the most money, while Grassroots Out received £125,000. In total, registered campaigners have reported £27, 383, 793 in donations since 1 February. Campaigners also reported loans and credit facilities totalling £6,103,940 in the same period.

The Day Ahead

Final day of EU Referendum campaigning

UKIP leader Nigel Farage to deliver a speech in London (11:00)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP , Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Labour IN chair Alan Johnson MP, Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones AM and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale MSP speak at a rally in London (14:00)

Gerald Howarth MP speaks at a Vote Leave rally in Aldershot (19:30)

Jeremy Paxman hosts EU referendum debate on Channel 4, ‘Remain’ guests include Delia Smith, Germaine Greer, June Sarpong, Katy Brand, Rick Astley, Sandie Shaw, Tyger Drew Honey and Will Self. ‘Leave’ include Nigel Farage, Ann Widdecombe, Gillian McKeith, Selina Scott, Theo Paphitis and Ukrika Jonsson (21:00)