Who said we have reached post truth politics? Not anymore. Not from this new Prime Minister.

‎From the moment Theresa May returned from the Palace there was no doubt things would be different.

All the hallmarks were there – deep convictions and thought through ideas. Very thought through ideas weaved into a speech outside No10 that she must hope stands the test of governing.

But the core idea that there needs to be a Government that works for everyone shows a political leader that has listened to what voters have said.

It’s clear the Britain is very divided right now. No end of macroeconomic numbers shouted at voters showed just that. More widely the strains over the future of Britain were shown in sharp relief during the Scottish indyref two years earlier.

Mrs May has listened into that and proposed to revitalise a ‘union’ ‎between the four parts of the UK and all its citizens.

What is also striking is the commitment that Brexit means Brexit. Quick off the mark in appointing Boris as Britain’s chief salesman – she knows he has skills to promote almost anything!

A Secretary of State for Brexit means one thing – we are going to negotiate out. So I don’t think you should plan on anything else. In David Davis – a former Europe minister – there is someone who will appeal to her party but also is ruthlessly pragmatic.

Tensions to come with the EU immediately come onto the horizon as Liam Fox looks to secure those new international trade paths while the UK remains an EU member. Sparks will fly.

But at home, Philip Hammond as Chancellor is a trusted pair of hands to grind out the UK’s new economic strategy. For it will need one. While Amber Rudd will seek to be a pragmatic voice on freedom of movement.

It seems we have a PM who has listened. Now for the business of governing AND listening.

Home Secretary, Theresa May, speaking at the Girl Summit” by DFID – UK Department for International Development is licensed under CC BY 2.0.