Cicero Executive Chairman Iain Anderson writes from the U.S:

Rambling, dog whistle politics. Yes – I’ve just watched one of the longest presidential nominee speeches delivered since the late 1960s.

So hard to listen to but impossible to ignore – Donald Trump last night delivered nothing radical or new in his Republican nominee acceptance speech. It whipped up the American commentariat into a lather, but it may have just done the trick.

America first was the message. For blue collar America – “I am your voice” was his theme.

Cicero was certainly not the author of this rhetorical train wreck. I could surely hear him turning in his ancient grave.

This speech was so hard to listen to I almost gave up. But after the soaring rhetoric of the Obama campaign of 2008 there has been, for many middle Americans, only disappointment. Rhetoric doesn’t do its trick with voters anymore.

But what Trump did manage to do was to chime all the keynote ideas he played during the primaries. At its heart is the idea that he will make Americans feel safer.

Build a wall – hit American enemies hard – rebuild the military – build the police. He even found time in this shopping list of ideas to reach out to LGBT audiences pledging to make them safe from terrorism – not something that his VP candidate Mike Pence might have scripted.

Cleverly reaching out to mid-America, this speech is likely to be remembered longer than the initial reactions which trash the delivery and the composition.

In this era of post truth politics this might actually work. Hang in there for Hillary next week.


Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.