Cicero Executive Chairman Iain Anderson writes from the U.S:

Let me be clear. If I was an American voter there is NO choice in this Presidential election. Trump is a dangerous demagogue and Hillary is indeed the most qualified person perhaps ever to become the 45th President.

And while democracies across the globe have elected women leaders for decades – it is time for America to elect its first woman President. High time.

The omens for this week’s Democratic Convention in Philadelphia were not good. On Monday the noisy support for Bernie Sanders threatened to overwhelm the event. Everyone felt the Bern this week.

But this has been a four act play over successive nights building to a perfectly choreographed crescendo. Earlier – before Hillary spoke – the father of a Muslim US serviceman who had been killed in action brandished a copy of the US constitution telling Trump he did not know what it contained. This was the most powerful act of politics so far in this election.

Hillary spoke well tonight. Very well. As well as Obama. Better than through the primary campaign. But she spoke to a wide shopping list of ideas. A huge list of ideas. Far too much to digest.

Given the gridlock in Congress for so much of the last decade many American voters will be wondering just how much of this agenda will be workable.

Trump has a single idea – a really crazy one. Build The Wall.  It’s madness but just like the “take control” mantra of Brexit and its associated NHS spending commitment – it has seared its attention onto voters minds. It’s stuck in middle America.

Hillary has too much pie on offer. She now needs to campaign in poetry rather than prose perhaps.  But to see Madame President elected – I would counsel less is more.

There’s still time. Plenty of time.


Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH” by Marc Nozell is licensed under CC BY 2.0.