GE2017: Tactical Voting – Forget it!

  Social media has become quite excited this week over tactical voting.  Sites such as are emerging giving voters helpful directions on which party to vote for in order to defeat Conservative candidates. Some commentators have suggested that this time, it matters.  Why?  Firstly, because it’s an unusual election. Secondly, because of the Brexit …

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Cicero Brexit Insights – 21 April 2017

The Cicero Brexit Insights team is producing regular updates, comment and insight on both the broad themes and the technical detail of Brexit. We aim to give readers a clear view of the issues and challenges as they are seen in Brussels, London and Member States. This week, the EU team analyses the level of convergence …

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Campaign trail – beware of the dog

  While our country’s obsession with elections may now make it necessary to point out to some citizens that polling stations also function as primary schools, many may already be feeling like Brenda from Bristol, whose reaction told it all. Even for those who opt to use a postal vote, it’s hard not to disagree …

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