While our country’s obsession with elections may now make it necessary to point out to some citizens that polling stations also function as primary schools, many may already be feeling like Brenda from Bristol, whose reaction told it all.

Even for those who opt to use a postal vote, it’s hard not to disagree with her. Yes, politics does shape our lives, but we’re increasingly being asked more by our politicians and it feels that we’re becoming increasingly reluctant – especially those outside the Westminster Bubble.

For all the talk of modern day elections being fought on the airwaves and increasingly through social media and Facebook ads, political parties still need to put the hours in on the doorsteps and on the telephone.

This isn’t simply a few hours here and there, this relies on volunteers giving up tens, if not hundreds of hours. This requires a certain type of person to do it.

Now like most people, I wouldn’t do volunteer work if you paid me, but with many voters already voting in local elections a month earlier, another election places fatigue on voters, weary party members and immense strain on the coffers.

This election may be portrayed as a way to get a real mandate for Brexit, but before you think of another vote in years to come, think of the paper cuts, the angry dogs, the obscure letterboxes and of course those who have to speak to the nutters.

50 days to go, I can hear the mirth in the associations already.

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Main image by RachelH – https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagelmouse/