Welcome to Battleground 2015, providing a comprehensive focus on the Top 40 most marginal seats in the UK set to decide the next general election.

The map to your left shows the constituencies with the smallest majorities in the country, with the most vulnerable shaded from dark to light. Clicking on each reveals full details of the candidates selected by their parties to win these most precious of seats in what is proving to be one of the most unpredictable electoral periods in recent memory.

We will be continually updating our database of biographies as new candidates are announced, with a special focus on the geographies of our Top 40 Marginals to inform our Real Votes findings. Additionally, for full insight into how each party is performing on each key issue set to define the next General Election, see our Issues Tracker.

Cicero Elections holds a database tracking ALL announced Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for 2015. For access, please enquire here.