Is support for Scottish independence really surging?

  Is support for Scottish independence “surging” on the back of Theresa May’s indication that the UK is headed for a ‘hard’ Brexit outside of the Single Market? That’s the contention of yesterday’s front page of The Herald, one of Scotland’s leading broadsheets. ‘Game on’ tweeted former First Minister Alex Salmond, clearly encouraged by what …

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Gridlock in Northern Ireland spells choppy waters ahead for May’s Brexit plans

  The day it became obvious that power-sharing in Northern Ireland had collapsed, it made the headline of just one major British daily newspaper. On a day dominated by Meryl Streep’s comments on Donald Trump, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness resigned from his post, precipitating the next elections in Northern Ireland on 2 March. Just …

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Is Italy the latest domino to fall?

  Sunday was a rollercoaster for those interested in EU politics; one moment you are rejoicing the victory of a green liberal over nationalist extreme-right in Austria, the next you’re down in the dumps over the crushing defeat of centre-left politics by populism in Italy, thinking “another one bites the dust”. But is that really …

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