What can the US midterm elections tell us about the UK parties’ prospects?

  Elections are almost constant in American politics, and preparing for them is one of the least pleasant parts of any elected representative’s role. On the national political stage in the House and Senate, staffers allocate multiple hours per day to fundraising calls with a view to the next electoral cycle, no matter how far …

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Could an early general election be on the cards in Finland?

  In the ever-evolving atmosphere that is post-Brexit Europe, any changes in leadership of major parties across EU Member States could have knock on effects for Brexit negotiations. On Sunday it was reported in Helsingin Sanomat – the major national newspaper in Finland – that Timo Soini, Leader of the Finns Party and Foreign Minister …

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Labour Divided: Five insights from the latest poll of members

  Labour makes much of its claim to be the largest party, by membership, in Europe.  But size isn’t everything.  And when we find out what these half-million people are thinking, we have confirmation that size isn’t everything.  It’s a big membership – but it reveals big problems. YouGov has been polling these Labour Party …

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