Is support for Scottish independence really surging?

  Is support for Scottish independence “surging” on the back of Theresa May’s indication that the UK is headed for a ‘hard’ Brexit outside of the Single Market? That’s the contention of yesterday’s front page of The Herald, one of Scotland’s leading broadsheets. ‘Game on’ tweeted former First Minister Alex Salmond, clearly encouraged by what …

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SNP Conference Preview: What next for Sturgeon on indyref2?

  The 2015 General Election at which the SNP won a near clean-sweep of Scottish seats at Westminster had major ramifications not only for the balance of power in the House of Commons – it also significantly altered the long-established routine of the autumn party conference season. For so long an afterthought in the minds …

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SNP on course to rock Westminster

  So we finally have that long awaited Ashcoft polling for Scotland. The SNP surge continues unabated. Coming just a day after the Conservatives unveil their plans for EVEL – its well named as it might just be that – English votes for English laws and after the Vow Plus from Labour. This will send Westminster politicians …

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