The re-launch sinks

  At today’s press launch for Matthew Taylor’s report on work, the Prime Minister gave a clear illustration of the consequences of job insecurity. She failed to turn the occasion into a significant political opportunity.  Once again, she underwhelmed. To start with, the actual event failed to match up to its pre-billing.  The advance releases …

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The centre has lost its grip

  We are witnessing a process of political diffusion. Our Westminster/Whitehall version of government is built on an assumption that there is a solid base of centralised power.  There is a governmental machine, which controls the public policy agenda and manages the flow of legislation and the running of the bureaucratic machinery that delivers the …

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GE2017: Tactical Voting – Forget it!

  Social media has become quite excited this week over tactical voting.  Sites such as are emerging giving voters helpful directions on which party to vote for in order to defeat Conservative candidates. Some commentators have suggested that this time, it matters.  Why?  Firstly, because it’s an unusual election. Secondly, because of the Brexit …

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