A referendum in Need of Refuge

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the EU’s migration crisis is linked to the argument the government is trying to make for EU reform.  Indeed it is.  But perhaps not in the way he implied. The refugee crisis is making it harder for the government to pick the date for the referendum.  And …

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John McDonnell: Old Labour or New Capitalism?

Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has said that he enjoys fermenting the overthrow of capitalism. So his appointment has spooked many in the City and unnerved most Labour MPs. It’s not an unprecedented development for the Labour Party.  A century ago, a firebrand hard left MP Philip Snowden proposed, on the floor of the …

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Power to the Palace

Whether it’s their intention or not, the voters may be about to weaken executive government. Take three ingredients: a truly hung Parliament; no chance of a formal, durable coalition, and the Five Year Parliament Act, and what do you get?  A shift in power from executive to legislature, meaning many of the customs and cultures …

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