The Tory/LibDem Coalition is Surging in Popularity

Curious things, General Elections. Politicians go to the public, who are effectively their bosses, and lay their best arguments on the table as to why they should keep their jobs. This election campaign, the details of which at least some of the electorate pay attention to, has produced a particularly interesting change in public mood. …

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The Importance of the NHS Surges but the Economy Wins Back its Crown

  The latest polling looking into which issues voters consider to be most important suggest that the prolonged deadlock of voting intention for the General Election may soon, finally, break. Here’s why: There are two core issues of which the Conservatives and Labour perform best, the Economy and the NHS respectively. Whilst many other public …

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Polling Analysis: Labour has failed to capitalise upon growing concerns over the NHS

[Read in landscape if using mobile devices, owing to data graphs]. The issue of public health has the potential to overtake the economy as a primary concern for voters ahead of this year’s general election. This week, YouGov’s fortnightly polling, which tracks the prime policy concerns of the public, recorded that the issues of health …

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