GE2017: Has polling become an irrelevance in this election?

  General Elections always lead to an information overload. Vox pops, press briefings, media plants, op-eds, business letters – and of course, polls. Separating quality information from the noise is a part-time occupation in itself. Polling is often misunderstood, with commentators and analysts interpreting their results as a predicted outcome. Hence why the narrative has …

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Video: In Conversation with Professor John Curtice

  Cicero Group was delighted to welcome Professor John Curtice, one of Britain’s leading psephologists and President of the British Polling Council, for an ‘In Conversation’ event. He discussed a wide range of issues including the recent narrowing in the Conservative lead in the polls, voters’ attitudes towards Brexit and how Remain and Leave voters …

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GE2017: Does the UKIP manifesto hold any relevance?

  Following the events in Manchester, Paul Nuttall broke with the other major parties’ decision to suspend national campaigning until Friday and launched the UKIP manifesto, titled ‘Britain Together’, this morning. Nuttall argues in the manifesto that “UKIP is at its best when it is being radical” adding that the party is “the country’s insurance …

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