Nicola Sturgeon’s speech: What does this mean for the Scottish independence debate?

  What has Nicola Sturgeon announced today? The First Minister announced this morning that next week she will seek the consent of the Scottish Parliament to negotiate a ‘Section 30’ agreement with the UK Government which would give Holyrood the power to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. What is Section 30? This refers …

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Copeland and Stoke Central By-elections: Five things to look out for

  Tomorrow’s by-elections in Copeland and Stoke Central will be the 9th and 10th by-elections of this Parliament – a pretty high tally less than two years since the General Election. For the most part the previous 8 have been pretty routine holds of relatively safe seats for the two main parties, with only the …

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Is support for Scottish independence really surging?

  Is support for Scottish independence “surging” on the back of Theresa May’s indication that the UK is headed for a ‘hard’ Brexit outside of the Single Market? That’s the contention of yesterday’s front page of The Herald, one of Scotland’s leading broadsheets. ‘Game on’ tweeted former First Minister Alex Salmond, clearly encouraged by what …

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