GE2017: Does the UKIP manifesto hold any relevance?

  Following the events in Manchester, Paul Nuttall broke with the other major parties’ decision to suspend national campaigning until Friday and launched the UKIP manifesto, titled ‘Britain Together’, this morning. Nuttall argues in the manifesto that “UKIP is at its best when it is being radical” adding that the party is “the country’s insurance …

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Copeland and Stoke Central By-elections: Five things to look out for

  Tomorrow’s by-elections in Copeland and Stoke Central will be the 9th and 10th by-elections of this Parliament – a pretty high tally less than two years since the General Election. For the most part the previous 8 have been pretty routine holds of relatively safe seats for the two main parties, with only the …

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Day of Reckoning: Labour faces a possible by-election double whammy

  Jamie Reed and Tristram Hunt are not exactly household names. Both have taken new jobs.  It is the possible consequences of their career moves that could make them more than footnotes in history. It’s rare for the main opposition party to lose seats in Parliamentary by-elections; especially rare to lose them to the sitting …

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