Campaign trail – beware of the dog

  While our country’s obsession with elections may now make it necessary to point out to some citizens that polling stations also function as primary schools, many may already be feeling like Brenda from Bristol, whose reaction told it all. Even for those who opt to use a postal vote, it’s hard not to disagree …

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Labour Divided: Five insights from the latest poll of members

  Labour makes much of its claim to be the largest party, by membership, in Europe.  But size isn’t everything.  And when we find out what these half-million people are thinking, we have confirmation that size isn’t everything.  It’s a big membership – but it reveals big problems. YouGov has been polling these Labour Party …

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Can Gorton wipe away the Copeland tears?

  No sooner are two lively by-elections out of the way, then now we have another. In the current, fevered atmosphere, speculation is already under way about what could happen in Manchester Gorton, following the death of Sir Gerald Kaufman. Manchester Gorton hasn’t exactly been volatile in its voting.  It is solidly Labour.  Kaufman’s vote …

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