Welcome to Party Watch, providing a comprehensive focus on the Top 40 most marginal seats in the UK set to decide the next general election.

In the widget to the right, we provide a regularly updated snapshot showing the perception of parties. Each week we show a different theme. This is a powerful indicator of grassroots loyalty, and how receptive voters may be to the issues presented by prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) on the doorstep.

As this reflects a national view, we have provided biographies of each PPC contesting our Top 40 most marginal seats. Each seat has been listed in order of vulnerability, meaning that they require the smallest swings in the vote in order to change hands. As well as being a useful database, we hope that the characters set to run in our Top 40 shed light on how party strategies differ in these most important of seats.

We  will be continually updating our database of biographies as new candidates are announced, with a special focus on the geographies of our Top 40 Marginals to inform our Real Votes tracker. Additionally, for full insight into how each party is performing on each key issue set to define the next General Election, see our Manifesto Hub.

Party Image: Society (20 November 2014)


“The kind of society it wants is broadly the kind of society I want”. Updated weekly and sourced from YouGov.

*Vulnerability calculated by number of votes required to overturn a majority. Target seat ranking calculated by % swing required. N Ireland excluded.