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Julie Hilling MP, Labour
Majority: 92 (0.19%)

Julie Hilling MP was elected in the 2010 General Election and was appointed Shadow Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper’s Women and Equalities team that year.


Ashcroft polling (January 2015):CON: 27%, LAB: 40%, LD: 8%, UKIP: 21%, Green: 2%


2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


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Christopher Green, Conservative  ▲ Target seat 2 

Christopher Green has stated his intention to campaign on issues ranging from responsible immigration, withdrawal from Afghanistan, delivering an in/out referendum on the EU and furthering the Conservative’s policies in economic, education and welfare reform.


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Andrew Martin, Liberal Democrat 

Andrew Martin currently represents Smithhills for Bolton’s council as its youngest chamber member. The 22 year old joined the party while studying at Cambridge University and now works as a freelance fitness instructor.



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Bob Horsefield, UKIP

Bob Horsefield,  a lighting technician, was formerly a member of the Labour Party but joined UKIP because of their “no-nonsense approach” to politics.