David Morris

David Morris, Conservative
Majority: 866 (1.99%)

David Morris has held the seat since 2010.
His stated political interests: Nuclear energy, small business, maritime affairs. Since 2014 he has been a member of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.

Ashcroft polling (July 2014): CON: 36%, LAB: 42%, LD: 5%, UKIP: 12%, Green: 5%

2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


Amina Lonetwitter icon black

Amina Lone, Labour  Labour Target Seat 14

Amina Lone is a Manchester City Councillor and founder of a social foundation which co-produces research with civil society groups in the interests of alleviating poverty. Her particular areas of focus are marginalised people, youth and women.



Matt Severntwitter icon black

Matthew Severn, Liberal Democrat

Matthew Severn is currently a councillor for the Kendal Underley ward in Morecambe & Lunesdale. He works for an insurance broker in the local area and his stated priorities are: bolstering the number of the apprenticeships, safeguarding local hospitals’ health budgets and improving transport infrastructure.