Nicola Blackwood

Nicola Blackwood MP, Conservativetwitter icon black
Majority: 176 (0.31%)

Nicola Blackwood has held the seat since 2010.
Her stated political interests are: Civil liberties and human rights, home affairs, international development, universities, science, environment, women & peace and security.


Ashcroft polling (September 2014):CON: 38%, LAB: 18%, LD: 30%, UKIP: 9%, Green: 4%


2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


Sally Copely

Sally Copley, Labourtwitter icon black

Sally Copely has long worked in campaigns for the third sector, with organisations including Save the Children, Oxfam, Stonewall and Shelter. Her political focus is on improving the state of inequality, campaigning on food poverty and climate change both locally and internationally.

Layla Moran

Layla Moran, Liberal DemocratsTarget seat 3twitter icon black

Layla Moran is a physics  and maths teacher who holds fluency in French and proficiency in Greek, Arabic and Spanish. She previously ran in the constituency of Battersea in 2010 where she received notable media attention. She currently works with a local social enterprise in Oxford.


Alan Harris

Alan Harris, UKIPtwitter icon black

Alan Harris was selected as the UKIP PPC for Oxford West & Abingdon on 28 July 2014. Harris previously contested the Dedington ward seat of Oxfordshire County Council in 2013, coming second to the Conservative candidate by a margin of 28%.