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Jackie Doyle-Price MP, Conservative
Majority: 92 (0.2%)

Jackie Doyle-Price has held the seat since 2010.
Her stated political interests are: Welfare, foreign affairs, vocational education, financial services, transport and energy.


Ashcroft polling (July 2014): CON: 30%, LAB: 31%, LD: 2%, UKIP: 35%, Green: 1%

2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


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Polly Billington, Labour  ▲ Target seat 2 

Polly Billington is a former BBC journalist who worked on the Today programme before becoming a special advisor to Ed Miliband. She was the media director for his successful bid in the Labour leadership election in 2010. Billington is currently a Labour Party official.


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Tim Aker, UKIP  ▲ Target seat 9

Tim Aker is head of Policy at UKIP. He has worked for the TaxPayers’ Alliance and was formerly Campaign Director of the Get Britain Out campaign. He is also a prospective MEP candidate for the Eastern Counties.