Graham Evans

Graham Evans, Conservative
Majority: 991 (2.25%)

Graham Evans has held the seat since 2010.
His stated political interests: Education, policing, defence, science, healthcare.
Since 2012 he has been a member of the Work and Pensions Committee.

Ashcroft Polling (May 2014):CON: 21%, LAB: 37%, LD: 8%, UKIP: 30%, Green: 1%



2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


Julia Tickridge

Julia Tickridge, Labour  ▲ Target seat 17 

Julia Tickridge works in Human Resources for ICI Specialty Chemicals, leading her to work for some time in Germany. She is a carer, Samaritan and school governor. She also speaks seven European languages.



Manchester City Council

Mary di Mauro, Liberal Democrat

Elected as the Northenden councillor in 2010, Di Mario currently serves on the Manchester City Council’s executive consultative committee and personal committee. Di Mario is a certified biologist with a degree from the University of Manchester and worked as a scientist and secondary school teacher before she was elected to the council as Manchester City Council’s Deputy Leader of the Opposition in 2010.

Amos Wright

Amos Wright, UKIP