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Alison McGovern MP, Labour
Majority: 531 (1.33%)

Julie Hilling has held the seat since 2010.
Her stated political interests are: Employment, arts and culture, regeneration, international development, economics, finance.

 Ashcroft polling (May 2014): CON: 27%, LAB: 43%, LD: 12%, UKIP: 15%, Green: 2%

2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


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John Bell, Conservative  ▲ Target seat 6 

John Bell spent twenty years in industry, experiencing some periods of unemployment, and has since worked in education, teaching in secondary schools, as a Lecturer at the Welsh College of Horticulture, and training Teaching Assistants in primary and secondary schools.


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Elizabeth Jewkes, Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Jewkes is Head of Policy for Liberal Democrat Women and Vice-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum. She is best known in Lib Dem circles for being the chief inspiration behind one of its signature policies- the raising of the income tax threshold to £10,000. She is a local businesswoman and is eager to highlight environmental issues, as well as involve more women in politics. Jewkes contested Ellesmere Port and Neston in 1992, Vale of Clwdy in 2005 and City of Chester in 2010.


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David Scott

After first standing for the seat in 2005, David Scott is running for the third time. He is Chair of UKIP’s Chester Branch and a lecturer at the University of Chester. He is particularly interested in the EU and energy policy.