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Paul Uppal MP, Conservative
Majority: 691 (1.72%)

Paul Uppal has held the seat since 2010.
His stated political interests are: Crime, business relations with India and the Middle East, foreign affairs, male health, organ donation.
From 2011-13 he was a member of the Environmental Audit Committee.

 Ashcroft Polling (July 2014): CON: 30%, LAB: 46%, LD: 5%, UKIP: 15%, Green: 2%

2010 Result

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates


Rob Harris

Rob Marris, Labour  ▲ Target seat 13 

Rob Marris lost his seat to the Conservative incumbent Paul Uppal in the 2010 election, having served two terms and being named backbencher of the year by his colleagues in 2008. He is a former solicitor.



Dave Everett

Dave Everett, UKIP

Dave Everett is the co-chairman of the Outdoor Market Traders Association.